Do your OWN Thang - Be UNSTOPPABLE!

Life is all about doing your own thang [INSERT TEXAS TWANG HERE] ... what is BEST for you seems to be BEST for others as you become an inspiration just by feeling good about yourself and emitting positive energy.

For me, life is also about expression, sharing, doing, feeling. But enough about me right now -- view the YouTube video, which, after viewing it myself, reminded me of the importance of carving your own path in life's jungle, experiencing pure joy in the simplest of things, and doing things that feel good to you and not worrying about what others might think. Watch this solitary guy in the midst of an unenthused crowd dancing away to his own beat, seemingly without caring what others around him think, and later inspiring others to let it all hang out for themselves. Watch the WHOLE thing (it's only about 3 minutes!).

Remember: Be UNSTOPPABLE, be true to yourself, and do your own THANG!!!


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