It's the Little Things that Matter

It's the little things that matter. I'm inspired by the simple actions by others who demonstrate their love of others and of you. Today, I'm basking in the warmth of those who have touched my life recently. You know you are loved when:
  1. Your baby brother (now a father and in his mid-40s!) rearranges his two-hour airport shuttle so that he can ride on yours to spend MORE time with you (and arrive four hours early for his flight, which means he just hangs around the Denver airport on Christmas Day until he departs). Now, who in their right mind would do that? Well, I guess a caring man who I must not have traumatized too much when we were kids.
  2. Your boyfriend gets up and washes the dishes without being asked.
  3. Your dog gazes into your eyes and then snuggles into your neck, leaning against you for what it seems like hours.
  4. Your dogs walk nonstop during a mile-long morning walk that you desperately need!
  5. Your neighbor brings your newspaper two flights up to your door in the morning.
  6. A man opens the door for you at Starbucks and then lets you in first for the line to order.
  7. The barista smiles, hands you your regular coffee without asking what you want, and winks without charging you.
  8. You receive college graduation photos of the kid -- now a fine young man -- for whom you were one of the caring adults in his life during his challenging teen years, not knowing if he really was going to get it together and now so happy to see that he did and is on an amazing path.
I guess today is a very good day. I am very grateful ...


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