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45 and Looking Back

Should I be saying "45 and LOVING It" as opposed to "45 and Looking Back"? Not sure that I "love" it so much when I "look back." Interesting ... it wasn't until my recent birthday that I felt my age (in spite of still looking younger than many of my friends). For the first time, I feel like I'm moving a little slower and less energetic. My skin is getting drier (I remember my mom telling me that I should use lotion and sunscreen). My eyes have significantly deteriorated in vision over the past year -- it seems like a 200% decrease in visibility, especially when attempting to read. It was only months ago (and lasting for 29 years) that my vision was good enough for me to legally drive without corrective lenses. My skin seems thinner, drier, and looser. My hair grows quickly, but seems to get drier, grayer, and frizzier. I'm getting age spots and wrinkles. I'm growing hair where I shouldn't and losing it where it should be. My m