Rain in Southern California

Ah, a rarity much treasured ... rain in Southern California! I hope that it rains hard for 40 days and 40 nights, but alas, I know that today's liquid magic will disappear by tomorrow. I discovered that my puppy loves the rain. Thank goodness! I put on my little-worn yellow rain jacket (that conveniently folds up into a bag -- go figure! Why would anyone want to crunch it into a useless bag that doesn't hold anything BUT the jacket itself!!!) and walked in the field across the street. My little boy (i.e., yes, I am a crazy dog person who has now adopted my animal as my son) played in the puddles and just shook off the rain. Yay! I'm happy ... in spite of today being the first official day since I finally convinced my boyfriend of five years that, yes, we are indeed broken up. Actually, I was miserable since it happened (until the rain poured this morning) -- which was last night, after we saw "King Kong" with a neighborhood couple (the woman is my long-time friend and ex-roommate). "Geez, a better relationship than mine between an oversized ape and a woman" is what I thought at the end. I cried in the car on the way home, realizing that I needed to put closure on what we had-- or really haven't had -- over the past several years. I know that I had resigned myself to the hope that it might change. Being with a workaholic is similar to being with an alcoholic -- they ain't gonna get better until they choose to. I know I've been guilty of "workaholism" myself -- after all, we are both entrepreneurs and being such, we work extra hard and extra long hours. It's hard. I don't think two business owners can successfully have a relationship. Well, unless both decide that they are going to work at it. After writing that last sentence, I realize it doesn't matter what your employment status is -- it takes two people to make a relationship. Funny that, even after all of these years, your mom's advice is still valid. Gosh, even your dad's advice about being careful who you hang out with and taking care of your good "family name." There are things that parents can teach you that last forever -- and things they can say that simply make you feel better regardless of how old you are now (even though now I realize they were just "winging" a lot of that stuff they said when I was a child -- they were like I am now ... an adult who is not really sure what the answers are, but just hoping that whatever I am doing is going in the right direction.)


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