Where Have All the Artists Gone?

Herein are the musings of a mad loft-bound arts entrepreneur living and working in Los Angeles in what was formerly known as the "Downtown Artists District" that is quickly divesting itself of its creative catalyst ... surrounded by gentrification of a neighborhood that is no longer. Should I stay or should I go now? The homeless population has quadrupled; buildings are quickly being bought and converted into multi-million-dollar "pseudo-loft" apartments; amenities have remained the same--however, sadly most of the quaint immigrant-owned restaurants and retail stores are being replaced by Starbucks, Subway, and Office Depot; artists are being replaced by business professionals who "work for the man" -- i.e., Downtown is losing its "small-business" base; and while here-to-now I've been bypassed, most of the rents in the last remaining "for lease" buildings have tripled.

Where have all the artists gone? The Downtown Artist District is no longer. The area was recently named the "Downtown Arts District" but why?


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