One Good Deed Deserves Another

I just discovered someone's credit card discarded on the street. I called, cancelled, and sent it to the credit card company. Say, is karma for real? Will this change my "mojo" for the better? I'd previously set my mind on firmly establishing myself into a real "funk." In my head, I know better -- with positive thoughts, you can keep your life on track. In my heart, I just want to feel the pain -- I hate making decisions and for once, I'm not sure where I am going. Perhaps I'm just your typical overworked entrepreneur who wants -- for once -- someone else to make the decisions. Working for yourself, you find yourself constantly driving the business, making minor and major decisions. At the end of the day, you are in overload. Where is that blasted "reboot" button on my body? Sometimes, you long for something out of your control to happen that drives your focus instead of being the driver who has to self-motivate and self-direct. I feel stuck and I think I'm making that happen. I know that I can change things for the better, but can't I just wallow for a while in my misery?


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