Meeting Quality Men

Online dating ain't working, baby. Let me restate this as I haven't been online dating as much as I have been online browsing. Scanning the photos of guys in my age range produces a variety of images of those who seemed to have lived hard (I mean, REALLY hard as they look like they were put up wet to dry!) to those who are SO pretty--well, let's just say that I'd set my brother up with them if he was still available! However, I actually met two men ON MY OWN -- one at at my nearby Starbucks who is a German/Lebanese musician who works as a professional trade show speaker (divorced with 5 kids and living on the East Coast, but here once a month). The other, unfortunately, I believe is married -- I'm hoping not happily and on the way out in the near future, but that's just plain selfish on my part. He scarily enough may be a new client, so I need to cool my jets, so to speak, and just enjoy him silently as "eye candy" while working on a stringent professional level. My ex-boyfriend (who, by the way, doesn't seem to realize that he's an "ex" because he has his nose to the perpetual work grindstone) is clueless. It's obviously hard for me to let go, but I've attempted to communicate with him over and over again -- directly and indirectly. He's handsome, hard working, reliable, loyal, trustworthy, and friendly -- just not loving and SO absorbed into his work that he has lost the understanding that life should be played carefully in balance -- I'm guilty of skewing too much toward work myself, but this is not the place where I want to be -- I'm working hard at pushing my life's scales into balance. I try to talk to him, but he is incommunicado.


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