Dating in Today's Online Crazy World

Dating ... dang. I am reminded of a saying that my father used to say "don't force what don't fit." Online dating seems so forced ... and I can say -- after months of posting profiles first on Match, then Tinder, cancelling Match and trying Bumble, and then checking out OkCupid -- this whole process is so ridiculous. Whatever happened to meeting in real life? The funny thing is that I have actually seen
a few of these guys in person after viewing their profiles online, and while I know they saw mine (those online systems notify you!),  from across the room, we might make eye contact, perhaps give a small wave, and even mouth a shy "hello" without outing either one of us ... it seems like, down deep, we are still shy middle-schoolers, and now it's just easier to post anonymously online than to approach each other and avoid the possible real-life pain of rejection? Heck, most women (and men) won't shoot anyone down for a genuine cordial attempt at connection.

To make this all more challenging, and perhaps even more interesting, I travel back and forth between Los Angeles and Houston, and the differences between the experiences of online dating in those two cities is vast. I used to think that dating in Los Angeles was challenging, but of course, I rarely had to date there since I was typically in a long-term relationship with a neighbor (ha ha ... I have a type, I guess -- geographically accessible!). I now can state that Houston is the worst place to date (at least, in a "contest" between these two metropolitan areas).

If I get one more response from a Texas guy who calls me "princess" and includes a hunting shot of him dressed in camouflage and holding an oversized gun, I will dive head first into Buffalo Bayou with the bats at sunset from the Waugh bridge. Granted, California guys share the greatest number of dick pics, but geez, I don't know what's worse. Either way, in this day and age, can any guys get someone to take a decent photo of them? Hey men ... just post a clear headshot, a sharp image of your fully clothed body, and an action photograph of you doing something you enjoy (or perhaps we should clarify ... of you doing something nonsexual that you might enjoy doing with a woman?!).

The worst thing about online dating when you are a woman anywhere is the amount of responses you get ... it's overwhelming, and the majority are nowhere even close to being the match you described as wanting. Sifting through the inquiries is challenging, and I do feel so bad for the guys since there is no way in hell for women to keep up with the outpouring of "likes" and massive amounts of messages. I tried, then I had to give up.

So, here is my new approach ... no more Tinder, OkCupid, Bumble, or Match. Instead, I will continue to try to be more vocal in sharing with my friends (and neighbors!) that I am single, and interested in meeting a compatible companion of any age within a decade of mine, and while this blog is basically not read by anyone but me, here's my public cry for support!


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