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Dating in Today's Online Crazy World

Dating ... dang. I am reminded of a saying that my father used to say "don't force what don't fit." Online dating seems so forced ... and I can say -- after months of posting profiles first on Match, then Tinder, cancelling Match and trying Bumble, and then checking out OkCupid -- this whole process is so ridiculous. Whatever happened to meeting in real life? The funny thing is that I have actually seen a few of these guys in person after viewing their profiles online, and while I know they saw mine (those online systems notify you!),  from across the room, we might make eye contact, perhaps give a small wave, and even mouth a shy "hello" without outing either one of us ... it seems like, down deep, we are still shy middle-schoolers, and now it's just easier to post anonymously online than to approach each other and avoid the possible real-life pain of rejection? Heck, most women (and men) won't shoot anyone down for a genuine cordial attempt at