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Skeleton Ruins, Night Sky

skeleton ruins night sky a man pedals a bicycle down an otherwise lonely street horsepower over the line another rides fast a blur outrunning the night hard into the dawn primal screams howl from chrome exhaust pipes echoing across darkened urban canyons the rider knows that somewhere in this city a lady lies somewhere there is love somewhere but tonight he rides through skeleton ruins

Midnight Rider, Baptized by the City

full moon presides over empty streets wet pavement glistens beckoning the rider alone rides into the womb of the city heaven is here somewhere he feels it in the moonlit hours before dawn the vibe flows through him on the wind raindrops cleanse him hard and fast he rides baptized on the boulevard he tries not to think just ride just be just feel the moment for in this quiet town somewhere lies a lady waiting? the rider shall stop someday and stay

iambic pentameter haiku

step into the urban rhythm ancient brick illuminated by starlight in the neon glow they steal a graffiti kiss electric