Who Am I?

Okay, someone asked me to answer the following three questions, which I thought I'd post. It seems that they are revealing as to who I am:

1.What songs or artists put you in the mood? Depends on the mood that I am seeking, but I am very eclectic in my tastes. From the bands with whom I grew up--Chicago; Boston; America; Aerosmith; Def Leppard; Bread; Van Halen; Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (except honestly, I am not as much of a "band" person as I am a "song" person) to what I'm currently listening to: John Mayer, James Blunt, Lifehouse, Bonnie Raitt, and whatever was playing yesterday from 12 noon to 2 PM on KCRW during "New Ground" -- don't tell anyone, but I also love some of the 1980s C&W since I am a native Texan, and which I "closet" from most people (it's kind of like comfort food to me --- Randy Travis, Travis Tritt, Clint Black). I work a lot with the Latino market, so I enjoy lots of lively music from Mexico, Cuba, the Caribbean, etc.

2.Name five things you can't live without. Wow, here's what immediately popped into my head, frighteningly enough, and not necessarily in the order of which is most important to me: my dog (I am a reformed cat owner, and never realized what those weird "dog people" were all about until I rescued my mutt this past May); my family, particularly my niece who is "overjoyed" to see me when I visit; my close friends, a circle of which seems to get smaller and more intimate as I get older; my career (not "work"), as I "courageously" (for me) branched out on my own a few years ago; and my home sanctuary. On the flip side, I could live without crowds, homeless who camp on my doorstep and for whom I can't seem to help, toxic people who drain my energy, and traffic.

3.What do people notice about you within the first hour of meeting you (other than appearance)? My energy, which seems to attract people without my trying, and not necessary in terms of being loud or hyper -- I seem to consume a room without really trying (I wish I could downplay it, but I just have to accept it). They say that you can scare a bear if you pretend that you are bigger, and even if I weren't an Amazon, I think I would still have that aura. I hope this doesn't sound strange or boastful in some weird way that I'm not intending, but it is my reality.


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