It doesn't matter how old you are; we all seem to experience times in our lives when we simply need reassurance. Reassurance that you're loved, respected, honored, meaningful, attractive, doing the right thing, and needed ... validation from someone else that you mean something. Funny, it's almost like what I do (consulting). Consultants often get more respect from the corporate boss than the staff; an outsider can validate what you are doing right ... or wrong. Reassurance is that external point of view that reaffirms hopefully what you already (or should) know about yourself -- YOU matter.

When you're down, lonely, rejected, or just sad, reassurance can bring you back to reality -- yes, you DO matter. Whatever you are feeling is just temporary, and a loved one can remind you that it will soon pass. You will get through it.

What I love about getting older is having a reservoir of life experiences from which to draw strength and perhaps ... yes, reassurance from myself. It may be as simple as that loved one from whom you need reassurance is you.


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