He's Just Not That Into You

God, do I have to be hit over the head? Or have I just been too busy over the past four years and not willing to face the fact that my relationship wasn't satisfactory? I guess we never fought because I never cared, either. Signs of "he's just not that into you:"

  • Red flag #1: He doesn't sound happy when you call him during the day.
  • Red flag #2: He's physically in your presence, but you just don't feel that he is "there" mentally or emotionally.
  • Red flag #3: You break up with him and he doesn't seem to care.
  • Red flag #4: Kissing becomes nonexistent as sex slowly dwindles ...

If I were counseling a friend, I would have encouraged her to "head for the hills" years ago.

Okay, there were a few things that made him "boyfriend" material. He was steady, focused on his work, didn't stray his eyes (or other body parts) toward other women, handsome, quick to smile, and could fix stuff that I wanted done.

What happened to that "spark?" Doesn't it take two things--flint and steel--to start a fire? Both people need to be present in a relationship to make it work. Sparks CAN fly and things could ignite if the two partners "choose" to work together. After all, loving someone is a "choice," not just physical chemistry.


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