Dating Again

I did it. I went on my "first" real date since I broke up with my boyfriend. Did I mention that I decided to break up with him on New Year's Day after we saw the movie "King Kong?" I figured that the gorilla and the girl had a better relationship than us, which made me cry the whole way home and gave me the courage to say, "This ain't working, baby." Today is Saturday--one full week from then and I must say that I feel better, I feel lighter on my feet. I think I wrapped myself too much into a relationship that was going nowhere ... really slow. Oh, and that date? That was on Thursday and while it wasn't a "love match" for me, he did send me an email that made me cry, too. He said that he knew I'd be cute based on a photo he had seen, but he was amazed to see that I was "fantastically beautiful." That statement alone made me realize that my boyfriend has never said that (or anything close to it) to me in five years. I always felt like I was the "lesser of us" as he (my ex) is handsome with two beautiful children who get comments and stares all of the time (okay, that's my excuse for him not realizing that people need to hear that they are beautiful and loved!). Most important, this date got me out there again ... I feel confident and attractive once more. Baby, it's all in the attitude!


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