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One Good Deed Deserves Another

I just discovered someone's credit card discarded on the street. I called, cancelled, and sent it to the credit card company. Say, is karma for real? Will this change my "mojo" for the better? I'd previously set my mind on firmly establishing myself into a real "funk." In my head, I know better -- with positive thoughts, you can keep your life on track. In my heart, I just want to feel the pain -- I hate making decisions and for once, I'm not sure where I am going. Perhaps I'm just your typical overworked entrepreneur who wants -- for once -- someone else to make the decisions. Working for yourself, you find yourself constantly driving the business, making minor and major decisions. At the end of the day, you are in overload. Where is that blasted "reboot" button on my body? Sometimes, you long for something out of your control to happen that drives your focus instead of being the driver who has to self-motivate and self-direct. I feel stuc

Where Have All the Artists Gone?

Herein are the musings of a mad loft-bound arts entrepreneur living and working in Los Angeles in what was formerly known as the "Downtown Artists District" that is quickly divesting itself of its creative catalyst ... surrounded by gentrification of a neighborhood that is no longer. Should I stay or should I go now? The homeless population has quadrupled; buildings are quickly being bought and converted into multi-million-dollar "pseudo-loft" apartments; amenities have remained the same--however, sadly most of the quaint immigrant-owned restaurants and retail stores are being replaced by Starbucks, Subway, and Office Depot; artists are being replaced by business professionals who "work for the man" -- i.e., Downtown is losing its "small-business" base; and while here-to-now I've been bypassed, most of the rents in the last remaining "for lease" buildings have tripled. Where have all the artists gone? The Downtown Artist District i

Christmas Blues

Alas ... one of the craziest things about not having kids and being divorced is that you are always expected to pull up your roots and go hang out in someone else's home turf for the holidays. This year, I'm just staying home. I hate being in airports most of the time and then never having a relaxing time to just unwind. My life is crazy enough. Speaking of holidays, do you say "Merry Christmas," "Happy Hanukkah," "Blessed Kwanzaa," "Season's Greetings," "Peace on Earth" or just plain "Happy Holidays?" BAH HUMBUG! Why do I need the stress of trying to figure out what strangers, co-workers, and friends are celebrating during December? Hell, I barely know what my family thinks. My siblings and I grew up Mormon--half of us are generic Christians (my brothers); the others (me and my sisters) are just "spiritual" or agnostic. Why do we have to be so politically correct? Frankly, I don't care. I simply tre

Meeting Quality Men

Online dating ain't working, baby. Let me restate this as I haven't been online dating as much as I have been online browsing . Scanning the photos of guys in my age range produces a variety of images of those who seemed to have lived hard (I mean, REALLY hard as they look like they were put up wet to dry!) to those who are SO pretty--well, let's just say that I'd set my brother up with them if he was still available! However, I actually met two men ON MY OWN -- one at at my nearby Starbucks who is a German/Lebanese musician who works as a professional trade show speaker (divorced with 5 kids and living on the East Coast, but here once a month). The other, unfortunately, I believe is married -- I'm hoping not happily and on the way out in the near future, but that's just plain selfish on my part. He scarily enough may be a new client, so I need to cool my jets, so to speak, and just enjoy him silently as "eye candy" while working on a stringent profes

Downtown Women's Center

Today I facilitated a board retreat for the only homeless shelter in the downtown area to serve women. Inspiring! It is an experience like this that reminds you why it is important to serve the community and to give back to others. It is also a vital reminder that there is more to life than having a boyfriend or partner -- you gain much by loving people in general -- family, friends, those in need.

Dating after 40 when you still look 30

I just woke up--figuratively, of course, as my regular routine is to wake up as early as 6 AM and walk my new puppy. One of the benefits of getting older (and I state the word "older" only in the literal sense of the word as I look -- or think I look -- 10 years younger than my actual physical age!) is having life experiences on which to reflect and ponder. What hit me today was that, because I have experienced it, I know that one can have sustainable passion with a person over a long period of time. What also occurred to me is that, unfortunately, one can also stay with a person WAY too long, resulting in an unnecessary drain of energy and waste of the precious moments available in this life. The problem is, you hit a certain age where everyone seems to be married or hooked up with a significant other. In college, it was so easy--we were surrounded by people who were in a similar position--single and looking. What gives? Online dating is SO superficial. Yeah, I look good, bu